A Place in History

Built in 2016/2017, Cellars takes its place on the Pearl campus, which has been a brewery location since 1881. The fortunes of the brewery waxed and waned until 2002, when Silver Ventures began the conscientious renovation and adaptive reuse process that has created today’s Pearl, a vibrant culinary and cultural village.

We brought Pearl's history forward through architecture and design, creating a new building with the depth of character more common to vintage structures.

The Design

Cellars’ feeling and function are the result of a felicitous collaboration between Three: Living Architecture and Don B. McDonald, AIA. Their design is an appreciation of the depth and eloquence of South Texas aesthetic vernacular integrated with local craftsmanship, regional materials and enduring customs.

"The ideas expressed through architecture will carry a building in the minds and hearts of a community."

- Don B. McDonald

Eloquent Style

Architect Don McDonald’s design, inspired materials, and amiable details evoke a South Texas / Spanish “refined ranch” aesthetic with elegance, balance and felicity. Ground floor community spaces are enriched with an authentic and urbane palette of native stone, mission tile, reclaimed brick and hardwood longleaf pine floors salvaged in Indianola. 

The Pomegranate

Five hundred rubies. Diminutive scarlet salvos of zest and sweet and temptation.  A symbol of hospitality, plenty, good luck, and happiness, its virtues praised by Chaucer and Shakespeare. The model for King Solomon’s crown. Here, it signifies home, graciousness, comfort, and an abundance of amiable diversions.